Winter Tires

Winter Driving Tips!

by Sales Team on November 27, 2014

Winter DrivingPlease keep our roads safe this winter by being prepared and driving for the conditions. We have put together some tips for you to keep in mind for winter driving.

It’s important to keep your vehicle(s) in shape for driving in the winter.

  • Winterize your ride by having the battery, heater, defroster, hoses, belts, anti-freeze, brakes, tires and wipers checked. We would also recommend putting winter tires on your vehicle(s) for superior traction. [click to continue…]


Winter Tires: What You Need to Know!

by Sales Team on October 3, 2014


Winter is just around the corner and getting your vehicle ready for the cold, snow and ice is crucial for safe winter driving.

Some Albertan drivers choose to stick with all-season tires all year round as they feel comfortable driving in winter conditions and change their driving habits accordingly. However, for drivers seeking the safest winter driving experience, winter tires are highly recommended. [click to continue…]


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