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2021 Toyota RAV For Sale in Edmonton, AB


Bring home the four-door SUV that has got everybody buzzing; the 2021 Toyota RAV4. This model stands out from the crowd with its incredible performance and stunning design details inside and out. Select from multiple trim levels: LE FWD, LE AWD, XLE FWD, XLE AWD, Trail AWD and Limited AWD. [continue reading…]


2021 Toyota Corolla For Sale in Edmonton, AB

Elevate your driving experiences with the 2021 Toyota Corolla. This four-door sedan offers eight trim levels: L 6M, L CVT, LE CVT, SE 6M, SE CVT, XLE CVT, XSE CVT and the Corolla Hybrid. [continue reading…]


2020 Toyota Sienna Review

2020 Toyota Sienna | Modern Wheels for the Modern Family

Rethink minivans when you see the 2020 Toyota Sienna. This modern vehicle offers ample space for seven or eight with plenty of amenities for comfort, entertainment and safety. Select from six trim options: CE FWD 7-PASS, LE FWD 8-PASS, LE AWD 7-PASS, SE FWD 8-PASS, XLE AWD 7-PASS and SE AWD 7-PASS. [continue reading…]


2020 Toyota Prius Review

2020 Toyota Prius | Economical Fun

Enjoy a fun ride in the four-door 2020 Toyota Prius, a compact sedan that offers a sleek design and premium comfort. This model fits five comfortably with the latest technology. Select from four trim options: Base Prius, AWD-E, Technology and Technology AWD-E. [continue reading…]


2020 Toyota Camry For Sale in Edmonton, AB

2020 Toyota Camry | A Sedan with Style and Substance

Practical and sporty, the 2020 Toyota Camry offers impressive amenities and features you’re sure to enjoy. Bring along family or friends with room for five in this four-door sedan. Choose from numerous trim options: LE, SE, Hybrid LE, Hybrid SE, XSE, XLE, XSE V6, Hybrid XLE and XLE V6. [continue reading…]


2020 Toyota RAV4 For Sale in Edmonton, AB

The updated design makes the 2020 Toyota RAV4 even more versatile and capable than before. This four-door mid-size SUV provides premium amenities to make every seat first-class with room for five. Choose from multiple trim options: LE FWD, LE AWD, XLE FWD, XLE AWD, Trail AWD and Limited AWD. [continue reading…]


With updated style and advanced innovation, the 2020 Toyota Highlander Hybrid is a capable four-door SUV that offers incredible functionality. Featuring seating for eight with plenty of space, you are able to do more with less to worry about [continue reading…]


2020 Toyota Tacoma Review

2020 Toyota Tacoma | Work Hard, Play Hard

Whether you want a truck for work or play, the 2020 Toyota Tacoma has you covered. Not only does this two- or four-door pickup offer impressive performance, it provides comfortable seating for up to six and numerous amenities. Consider the multiple trim levels available: 4×4 Access Cab 6A, 4×4 Double Cab 6A, 4×4 Access Cab 6M, 4×4 Double Cab 6A SB, 4×4 Double Cab 6M SB and 4×4 Double Cab 6A SB LTD. [continue reading…]


2019 Toyota Yaris Hatchback Review

2019 Toyota Yaris Hatchback | Efficiency Meets Fun in a Sub-compact Car

With bold styling and modern amenities, the 2019 Toyota Yaris Hatchback stands out in any crowd. This hatchback offers the option of either three or five doors with seating for five. Select from six trim options: 3DR CE 5M, 3DR CE 4A, 5DR LE 5M, 5DR LE 4A, 5DR SE 5M and 5DR SE 4A. [continue reading…]


2020 Toyota Avalon Review

2020 Toyota Avalon | Sporty Fun

Bold design commands attention and turns heads with the 2020 Toyota Avalon. This sporty sedan brings fun and functional together with plenty of room for five and modern style and amenities. Select either the XSE or Limited with this four-door model. [continue reading…]