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You can have your vehicle cleaned and detailed with Toyota Touch at Gateway Toyota Scion by highly trained professionals who offer three levels of detailing: deluxe, premium, and ultimate. Protect your Toyota from the elements such as salt, sun, sand, and water. You can also use Toyota’s line of products like the professionals, in the comfort of your own driveway Toyota Touch products developed exclusively for your Toyota vehicle. Available high-quality Toyota Touch products include: [continue reading…]


Toyota Steel Wheels

In winter driving conditions, Toyota Steel Wheels are the ideal compliment to your winter tires. Toyota Steel Wheels have been stringently tested according to Toyota specifications for strength, durability, corrosion, and finish requirements. [continue reading…]


Genuine Toyota Collision Repair Parts

Accidents can happen to even the most careful and responsible drivers. It is important to know your rights as a Toyota owner, such as having your vehicle repaired to factory specifications with Genuine Toyota Collision Repair Parts at a Certified Toyota Collision Centre, or one recommended by your Toyota dealership. Whenever possible your Toyota vehicle should be repaired by Toyota-trained technicians. [continue reading…]


Door Sill Protectors | Gateway Toyota Scion

Add style and protection to your Toyota vehicle with custom-fit Door Sill Protectors. They feature a stainless steel overlay and the model emboss of your Toyota. Door Sill Protectors prevent scratches and scuffs while adding class and sophistication to your Toyota vehicle. Illuminated door sill protectors featuring luminous LED technology  further enhance style when they light up as the front doors open. They are covered over the balance of the 3-year, 60,000km new vehicle limited warranty. [continue reading…]


Toyota START+ Remote Engine Starter

 With the Toyota START+ Remote Engine Starter you can make your car nice and warm on cold mornings, or nice and cool during the scorching summer ensuring you will be comfortable before you even enter the the car. Start your car from inside the house or garage and being setting your temperature to already be ready for the road. You don’t need a smart key to operate the long range remote.

[continue reading…]


Toyota’s Genuine Winter Wiper Blades

Be prepared for frost and snow with Toyota’s Genuine Winter Wiper Blades. You will ready to fend off the winter elements with the advanced design of Toyota’s Genuine Winter Wiper Blades. These blades are state of the art and are prepared to keep your windshield clear in any inclement conditions. With the hazards on the road, you want to be ready with a clear view, Toyota’s Genuine Winter Wiper Blades are ready to make you more secure when you drive. [continue reading…]


Winter Tires for Toyota | Gateway Toyota Scion

When temperatures drop below 7 degrees celsius, that is a good sign that it is time to put on winter tires. All-season tires start to lose some of their elasticity at cold temperatures, winter or ‘cold weather’ tires have a special rubber compound that maintains elasticity at temperatures well below zero. Even when there is no snow on the road, safety is still very much enhanced with winter tires when it is cold outside. [continue reading…]


Vehicles today are far more reliable than those built a decade ago, but quality will only go so far.  Maintaining your investment is key, and the best way to prolong the life of a vehicle is through regular, preventative maintenance.

Toyota Tundra

This 2008 Toyota Tundra work truck we recently had in for service is a perfect example. It has 590,921 kilometres and is in exceptional condition! Wow! This truck has always followed the factory recommended service and has been detailed regularly. [continue reading…]


Winter Driving Tips!

Winter DrivingPlease keep our roads safe this winter by being prepared and driving for the conditions. We have put together some tips for you to keep in mind for winter driving.

It’s important to keep your vehicle(s) in shape for driving in the winter.

  • Winterize your ride by having the battery, heater, defroster, hoses, belts, anti-freeze, brakes, tires and wipers checked. We would also recommend putting winter tires on your vehicle(s) for superior traction. [continue reading…]

Have A Safe Halloween!

HalloweenWith trick-or-treaters roaming the streets on Halloween, it’s important for drivers to pay even closer attention to what’s going on around them.

In residential areas, be on the lookout for children darting out into the middle of the street and yield to young pedestrians as they may not understand the dangers of traffic or simply don’t see your vehicle. Drive slowly and be careful when passing stopped vehicles as the driver may be dropping off children. Also, maintain clear communication with other drivers by ensuring to use your turn signals and turn on your hazard lights when pulling over to drop off or pick up your kids. [continue reading…]