2012 Toyota Venza Review

2012 Toyota Venza

The 2012 Toyota Venza offers the best of all-worlds: a mix between a car, a wagon and a crossover. You are getting the added benefit of a higher seating position than a sedan, but a lower profile than a tall, upright SUVs. This is a perfect family vehicle with a spacious interior along with smart storage space, makes this a smart choice.

The 2012 Toyota Venza utilizes intelligent designs in the interior which make every day life easy. One-touch fold down rear seats is a prime example. A simple handle in the trunk and on the side of the seats folds your seats down quickly instead of the struggling process that usually goes with folding seats. Awkwardly pushing and pulling, all the while, leaning into your vehicle on your tippy toes. The front console has a large array of utility features such as small and large storage spaces, adjustable and illuminated cup holders and docking for portable entertainment devices that includes a “hidden-wire” routing system.

2012 Toyota Venza

The exterior of the 2012 Toyota Venza has a unique artful design and intelligent engineering. Driver sightlines are enhanced because of the sweeping slope of the Venza’s cowl and hood. For example, the sweeping slopes combined with short overhangs, create excellent driver sight-lines over the front of the vehicle. The Venza also has automatic high beams that automatically switch between “low” and “high” in response to oncoming traffic. Now you don’t have to worry about being that “jerk” who high beams everyone, just because you are too focused on the road.

Independent suspension makes driving the 2012 Toyota Venza a dream. A 6-speed super-intelligent Electronically Controlled Transmission provides smooth gear shifting, better performance and contributes to Venza’s superior fuel efficiency.

The available trim level are the Venza, Venza AWD, Venza V6 and the Venza AWD V6.

There are two available engine options with the 2012 Toyota Venza:

  • 2.7L 4-cyl engine: 182 horsepower and 182 lb-feet of torque.
  • 3.5L V6 engine: 268 horsepower and 246 lb-feet of torque.

2012 Fuel Economy:

  • Venza: city 10 (28), highway 8.5 (42)
  • Venza AWD: city 10 (28), highway 8.8 (40)
  • Venza V6: 11.1 (2), highway 7.7 (37)
  • Venza V6 AWD: 11.4 (25), highway 7.9 (36)

The Star Safety System makes sure that you and your passengers are safe and sound while cruising the pavement. This system includes: Vehicle Stability Control (VSC)1, Traction Control (TRAC), Anti-lock Brake System (ABS), Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD), Brake Assist (BA)2 and Smart Stop Technology (SST).  An added feature is the Hill-start Assist Control which automatically provides temporary pressure to the brakes to help prevent the vehicle from rolling back. For 2012 the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) awarded the Venza a Top Safety Pick for Midsize SUVs.

The 2012 Toyota Venza is a great vehicle for those who are looking for smart interior and exterior designs, along with a decent price point and fuel economy. This isn’t just your regular vehicle, it’s a cross between a wagon and a SUV, you get extra room without being higher off the ground. Mixing all the best features gets you a futuristic car.

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