2021 Toyota Mirai For Sale in Edmonton, AB

Have you seen the all-new 2021 Toyota Mirai? This innovative new vehicle is fuelled by the most abundant element in the universe – Hydrogen! The Mirai is the first mass-production hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle, allowing you to enjoy silent, responsive, long-distance, zero CO2 emissions driving – while only emitting water from the tailpipe.

2021 Toyota Mirai Technology 

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. It’s found in plants, manure, and water. With such abundant availability, it makes perfect sense to use hydrogen to power our vehicles. Hydrogen can be extracted from water through a process called electrolysis. Passing an electrical current through water creates a chemical reaction where the result is the separation of water’s two main elements – hydrogen and oxygen. Hydrogen is lighter than air and free of impurities.

2021 Toyota Mirai Performance 

Don’t worry, there’s nothing complicated about driving hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles. You fuel up with hydrogen in the same way you would a gas-powered vehicle. The hydrogen is stored in carbon fibre, high-impact resistant tanks. When the vehicle is fueled with hydrogen and combined with oxygen from outside the vehicle, the chemical reaction generates electricity. What’s more, energy is captured every time you hit the brakes, conserving power and creating even better efficiency.

2021 Toyota Mirai Safety

Toyota’s vision for the future of mobility puts safety first and foremost. Advanced safety innovations, specially designed for hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles. The 2021 Toyota Mirai Hydrogen tanks have been designed not to leak. The multi-patented, carbon-fibre-wrapped, polymer-lined hydrogen tanks are built in a three-layer structure and absorb five times the steel’s crash energy. In the case of a high-speed collision, sensors stop the flow of Hydrogen to prevent hydrogen from travelling to potentially damaged systems outside of the tank. If any Hydrogen does leak, it is quickly dispersed, as all hydrogen-related parts are located outside the cabin and designed to help ensure leaked hydrogen doesn’t build up. Since hydrogen gas is lighter than air, it rapidly disperses, reducing the potential for damage in the event of an ignition.

Find out more about the 2021 Toyota Mirai at your local Edmonton Toyota Dealer – Gateway Toyota!


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