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Advanced Technologies Unveiled in All-New Prius

Toyota Prius

Toyota has unveiled the fourth-generation Prius with promise to take this stylish sedan to new heights. This hybrid model has been a leader in the market and the new features are setting expectations even higher. Take a look at the distinct 2016 Toyota Prius model and rethink your ideas about the hybrid.

An Unparalleled Leader

Of the nine million gasoline-electric hybrid vehicles on the road, Toyota has stamped its brand on eight million of them. Of that total, the Prius is the model of over half of those vehicles, and it’s the precedent that others follow.

Toyota isn’t content to just sit back on its accomplishments with the Prius. This fourth-generation model offers several new features to not only improve on previous technology but to create a brand new vehicle for today’s drivers. This model is a complete redesign, inside and out, with improved performance and special touches. The end result is “a beautiful car for a beautiful Earth.”

A New Look

The new Prius has a sportier profile, sleeker than the previous model with a cabin focused on luxury and convenience. Get behind the wheel and you’ll see it is also more fun to drive. This model still offers the recognizable triangular profile with a lower hood. A low stance creates an impressive image, along with Bi-Beam LED headlamps. In the rear, a spoiler showcases the fun and sporty side of this car with the LED taillamps.

Slip inside the 2016 Toyota Prius for an experience unlike any other. Ergonomic positioning of the instrument panel ensures everything is within easy reach. White accents on the steering wheel and front console tray offer a modern touch. Updated seats offer a comfortable fit to enhance the posture of the driver or passenger. This design reduces pressure on the lower back to provide a more comfortable ride even on long trips.

More Power and Strength

A powerful 1.8L engine powers the 2016 Toyota Prius, which has been completely redesigned. Reducing the weight and size of the engine has resulted in improved efficiency and performance. Many of the key components under the hood have been reduced in size, resulting in a better use of space and a more lightweight design to increase efficiency.

A stronger body is just one advancement by Toyota to enhance the safety of everyone inside the 2016 Toyota Prius. The new double wishbone rear suspension improves stability and comfort. These changes in the design have also yielded a quieter ride.

It’s easy to see why the 2016 Toyota Prius is garnering so much attention. Toyota has made sure to design a hybrid that stands out from the crowd yet again. Stop by Gateway Toyota Scion to discover why bigger is better and learn more about the new Prius hybrid.

Neal Gratton
Gateway Toyota Scion

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