Appreciation Of A Wonderful Sales-Person

From: Fr. Vernon Regis
Sent: May 9, 2007
To: New Vehicle Sales manager,
Subject: Appreciation Of A Wonderful Sales-Person

Dear Rob:

In GREG GANDOKE, you have a wonderful gem of a sale-person. He is extremely courteous. His attitude is non threatening. His explanations about the intricacies of the vehicle are superb. He has an honest demeanor about him. His whole personality seems to say “Your time is my time”. He does not rush through the time we spent with him. He has a very persuading approach to his salesmanship.

I felt that I need to tell you about a person of great calibre and integrity. He is a wealth that money cannot buy. I wish him all that is wonderful and challenging in life.

Thank you.

An appreciative customer

Fr. Vernon Regis


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