December Construction Update


Neal Gratton is pleased and excited about the construction progress of the new Gateway Toyota location. “It has been good and quite smooth.”

The new location is still on par for the official opening date in August 2013. “Everybody is anxious to get there,” said Neal about the staff at Gateway Toyota.

“Everyone is excited. We will be able to carry more inventory and be in a place where new and used can work together again,” said Neal.

“The construction has been good. Every single week we go down there. This new facility means more convenience for everyone; customers and us,” says Neal.

Services such a sewers, curbs and the road can’t be started up again until the ground thaws. Services that are off the road will take some time. These services are about half way through the property. The paving, curbs and power are all going in spring 2013.


“I am more excited about how the new facility will accommodate the volume of work that we will do,” said Neal. “More bays to do more work and done quicker. There will also be more places for customers to park, places for customers to sit and be comfortable.”

“We are fired up and ready to take on way more stuff,” said Neal.  “Our customers are excited. The city of Edmonton is noticing.”

Keep checking with us on update on the new facility!

Sales Team

Gateway Toyota


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