Drive home good cars with peace of mind.

From: Imam
Sent: Tuesday, May 01, 2012 9:36 AM
To: Neal Gratton

Hi Neal

Its give me immense pleasure to write you this e-mail. I am a Toyota Customer since 2008 driving Toyota Yaris and Toyota Corolla. Last week I decided to buy a Pre-owned car and my first preference was Toyota Corolla, if I could get a good deal for a nice pre-owned car.

I walked in to your pre-owned show room (at Gateway Boulevard, Edmonton) to see various car available there, your Product Adviser and Sales Person by the name of Keala Hanna helped me in finding a good pre-owned car. I was double minded before meeting with Keala whether I should buy pre-owned Toyota or go for any other brand, but the good quality customer service, product knowledge convinced me that the car she is showing me really worth buying and because of her good advice and confidence in dealing with the Customer I finally bought Toyota Corolla CE 2009 with low mileage on it at a very good price and now I am happy while driving this car. I am committed to pass on this experience to all my friends and community members to let them know about the excellent services provided by the Toyota all over the Canada.
Once again I am thankful to Keala Hanna for her enthusiasm and personal interest in making the sale deeds successful, built the confidence in the customers so that they drive home good cars with peace of mind.





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