Driving school owner trades in his Corolla after almost reaching one million kilometres.

When Rajah Sellathurai came to Canada from India he was told to buy a Toyota. Following that advice, he fell in love with a Toyota, and can now proudly say he has owned 6 Toyota models putting well over 500,000 kms on each of them. The vehicle prior to his most recent trade had 998,000 kms on it! As the owner of a driving school, Rajah knows that a reliable vehicle is key.

Rajah uses Toyotas when teaching his students, and they are also amazed at how much you can get out of a Toyota. many have been known to buy Toyotas themselves when it came time for them to purchase their own vehicle. The three other instructors that Rajah employs also bought Toyota Corollas and each got 400,000 to 500,000 kilometers out of those vehicles.

This is a true testament to Toyota’s quality and the dedication of it’s customers. Buy yourself a Toyota model today and see how far you can go in it! See if you can’t get to 1,000,000 kms – we’ll love to hear your story someday!

Neal Gratton

Gateway Toyota


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