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Gateway Toyota Brake Service

Safety is always a top priority with licensed Toyota technicians at Gateway Toyota when it comes to brakes. When a vehicle is brought in for service, one key evaluation our technicians make is a brake inspection after the wheel is removed. It is important to have routine brake inspections to resolve any issues that may be present with your brakes.

It is our duty as licensed Toyota technicians to bring to our customers’ attention any symptoms or issues with your brakes. Proper brake servicing requires the brakes to be taken apart and the pads fully inspected for abnormal wear or cracking in the linings. Abnormal or uneven wear on brake pads and rusted components can cause the brake pins or pads to stick or seize. It is crucial to have any brake symptoms remedied or issues resolved by a licensed Toyota technician who knows your Toyota best. We give your brakes a final test drive to ensure that they are braking safely and optimally so you can get back on the road in your Toyota!

Brake Service

For more information about Toyota brake service, contact or visit Gateway Toyota. To get 20% OFF your next brake service at Gateway Toyota, mention Dwayne!

Neal Gratton
Gateway Toyota Scion

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