Great Culture and the Best Customer Service

Good morning Chris,

Based on our phone conversation yesterday on July 23,2013, I would like to recognize Ryan.P (Pierce not sure about his last name) as he provided the best customer service to me. On Monday July 22 ,2013, I realized that my car’s power is out.
After I called Toyota they route me through services and that was the time that Ryan gave me a complete information after he checked different things with me . Then I came down to the centre and talk to a guy asking for checking on the battery. He was just about leaving home but he stayed kindly and tested out and told me that I don’t need to buy a new battery. This great guy again was Ryan.

I put my car for selling on the market and getting another vehicle but the respectful way that Ryan did to me as a customer change my descision. I will stay with Toyota.

I do really appreciate his service and congratulations to you for choosing the people who bring great culture and the best customer service.



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