Help for a “non-mechanical mind and ‘little shoulders’.”

From: Ms. Olivia Martins
Sent: January 14, 2009
To: Mr. Doug Dickson
Service Foreman
Gateway Toyota

Dear Mr. Dickson:

Thank you for going the extra mile on my behalf with heat thermostat for my 2007 Corolla CE and most recently in solving frozen gasoline tank latch door (both problems a result of our Canadian drastic cold winters).

Your customer Care, expertise, and willingness to take the extra time to ‘rescue and explain’ take a load of my non-mechanical mind and ‘little shoulders’.

It is always so heart-warming to be treated as an esteemed and valuable customer by you and your well-chosen staff:

Troy Vinthers:    Assisting and fixing flat tire problem on the spur of the moment.
Ryan Percy:    For his masterful conflict resolutions skills and ability to remain in calm equanimity while treating the customer with utmost care and respect.
Shuttle Drivers:    Dan Kelter, Darroch (Rocky) Wiseman, and Lynne McLaughlin for making what could be an unpleasant ride (as I suffer from motion sickness) an enjoyable time with pleasant conversation and professional courtesy.
Receptionists: They young ladies’ eloquent clarity of expression and joy…make every day of the year seem like Christtmas!

Mr. Dickson, again, thank you so much for all that you represent and have done for me and the other customers I get to meet (when I sit in your warm and cozy waiting lounge), who express the same gratitude for your exceptionally well-managed Service Department.

Yours Sincerely,
Ms. Olivia Martins


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