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How To Make a Call – Display Audio System

At Gateway Toyota Scion, we sell great vehicles which are equipped with the latest technology from Toyota Canada. In fact, did you know you can make a phone call with your Display Audio System? That’s right, by simply pairing your Bluetooth enabled cellular device to your Display Audio System you can make a phone call. Let’s take a closer look at how to go about this.

  • To make a call utilizing your Toyota Display Audio System you will need to access your contacts. To do this, push the phone symbol on your bezel, or press the off-hook phone symbol on the steering wheel.
  • Your recent call activity will then appear on your Display Audio System. If you wish to call a recently dialed number just touch it on the screen.
  • When your recent call activity appears, you will also have other calling options. These include Favourite, Contacts, and Dial Pad. You can scroll through Favourites and Contacts by touching the screen and swiping your finger upwards or downwards on the scroll bar.
  • You can add a contact from your phone to Favourites via your Contact screen, just touch the star icon beside the contact name.
  • You can also utilize voice recognition to make a call. Press the speaking icon on your steering wheel (Talk Switch) to begin. You will then be prompted to say a command. A command could be as simple as “Call home!”.
  • Once prompted, you can also dial a number utilizing voice recognition by saying the number, starting with the word “Dial”.
  • You can also utilize voice recognition to redial a number, by saying redial after you hear the prompt.
  • On top of that you can also view your recent calls by saying the command “Show recent calls”

If you have any questions about how to make a phone call with your Display Audio System, visit Gateway Toyota Scion today. Our knowledgeable sales staff will assist you in any way we can.

Neal Gratton
Gateway Toyota Scion

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