Mike will always bring his business to Gateway 🙂

From: Gallant, Michael
Sent: Tuesday, August 10, 2010 8:53 AM
To: Neal Gratton
Subject: RE: Please Advise re. my truck purchase

Good morning Neal,

I was down to Edmonton yesterday evening to pick up my Tundra, and I must say I was more than impressed with the work that your guys did.

The truck looked amazing, and exceeded my expectations. The body line on the tailgate was much, much better, the roof drip molding looked great, windshield was new, sonar functioned properly, and the paint was brilliant. I appreciate that they even dressed the tires and wheel wells. Doug Dickson left me a voicemail explaining that he addressed my concern regarding the rattling catalytic converter as well as the leaking exhaust flange.

When I started the engine, no rattle and no hissing sound. You went above and beyond my expectations and for this I thank you. Now that you have done this for me, I better realize that Troy’s actions are not representative of your business as a whole, and it appears as though this was an isolated case between Troy and myself based on Troy’s actions. I will continue to bring my business to Gateway due to the fact the you stood up to this issue and placed me, as the customer, first. Once again, thank you.


Mike Gallant


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