New Concept Car: Toyota i-Road

The new Toyota debut the “Toyota i-Road” was revealed at the 83rd Geneva International Motor Show in Geneva, Switzerland. This concept car is a three-wheeler. It has motorcycle-like handling, is ideally suited for short-distance urban travel and is designed to provide a new way to enjoy transportation.


The Toyota i-Road is an ultra-compact, tandem two-seater electric vehicle which was developed under the theme of compact and refreshing mobility. It offers an enjoyable and unique riding experience with the same level of convenience as a motorcycle. The Toyota i-Road is extremely versatile and is able to navigate congested city roads, find parking anywhere, and to top it off, it has a low carbon footprint which makes it sustainable. The Toyota i-Road is powered by an electric powertrain, it features a quiet ride and produces zero emissions during operation.

The Toyota i-Road features a closed cabin so that passengers don’t have to worry about a helmet and are protected from all kinds of weather. Toyota Motor Corporation will continue research and development toward the practical adoption of the Toyota i-Road as the first in a new category of electric vehicles.

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