Pair Toyota Bluetooth With Cell Phone (With Navigation)

Herman Lee from Gateway Toyota Scion in Edmonton is going show how to pair a Bluetooth cellphone to a Toyota vehicle that has the navigation system.

First, turn on the Bluetooth feature on the cellphone.  Make sure the Bluetooth make sure its on.  This Toyota has a navigation system and there’s a set up button.  Push the set up button, then select phone. and finally select manage phone.

You will see this vehicle actually can set up four different cellphones, but now, we will just add the first one  by pressing “add new”.  On the screen it shows all the information about this Bluetooth device, and also, there’s a pass code.  Now, if you look at the cellphone itself, it has, because [it can] find the car vehicle Bluetooth, it says “Car Multi-Media”.  Select.  So because the pass code here, it says is 0000, so I punch in 0000, and pair.   Now it says “Bluetooth connection successful”.  Pairing is complete.

In order to make this hands-free: Press the voice command button.  Phone.  (Voice Command:  Phone. Say a command.). Dial by number.  (Voice Command:  Dial by number.  Say the phone number…) 780-439-3939.  If the number is right, press the off-hold button, and it will dial.

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