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Scion Grad Program

Scion Grad Program | Drive into Freedom

Scion Grad Program

Drive away from your graduation in a brand new Scion vehicle thanks to the Scion Grad Program. If you are four months away from graduation, or have graduated in the last four years from an eligible school, then you may qualify for the Scion Grad Program Allowance. Each graduate is eligible to receive the Grad Allowance one time and the vehicle must be registered in the name of the applicant. If you meet these requirements then you are eligible for the following benefits:

  • No established credit history required
  • $1000 allowance towards the purchase or approved lease of a vehicle from Scion’s line-up
  • Reduction provided to your lease or finance rate in addition to the posted Scion rate
  • Those leasing or financing a vehicle through Toyota Financial Services may also be eligible for the TFS Grad Program, providing a reduction to the lease or finance rate in addition to the Scion posted rate.
  • Qualifying graduates that prefer to lease can have the security deposit waived

Freedom has never been more accessible than with the Scion Grad Program. Graduates have access to an allowance that makes driving a new Scion vehicle possible. The dealership is responsible to ascertain if the applicant meets the required terms and conditions before the allowance application form is submitted, so all you have to do is graduate!

Neal Gratton

Gateway Toyota

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