Shopping for a Used Toyota in Edmonton

When buying a used Toyota in Edmonton at Gateway Toyota, you will find a reliable, trouble-free vehicle at a price much lower than that of a new vehicle. Toyota has earned a reputation for making high-quality vehicles that last and the company’s recent makes and models provide a wide selection of vehicle types. You’ll find used pickup trucks, SUVs, sedans, compacts, hybrids and more available at your local Toyota Dealer- Gateway Toyota.


Benefits of Buying Used:

* You can find a quality vehicle

* You save a lot of money by buying after the initial depreciation has occurred.

* Many used vehicles are still very new.

hen you buy a used vehicle, you have the opportunity to get an excellent vehicle at a cost that’s significantly lower than a new one. Many used vehicles made by quality manufacturers have only been owned or leased for a few years and are still in top condition. When shopping for a used vehicle, buyers should employ one of two methods.

Method 1

* Set your price range first

* Compare vehicles within that range

* Select one that offers the best value

With the first method, buyers set their price range and look at the vehicles that interest them within that range. Then they compare the different vehicles, taking note of which ones had the best features, lowest mileage, best color and design, or any other important differences. They decide on a vehicle by picking out the one that offers them the best value-the most things they want in a vehicle at the lowest price.

Method 2

* Decide what you want in a vehicle first

* Compare the prices of vehicles that have your desired qualities

* Select one that has the best price

With the second method, buyers decide on which features and benefits they must have in their used vehicle. Often people will make a list, and you can even separate your list into “must haves” and “would be nice to haves.” Compare prices among the vehicles you’ve found that meet your requirements and select the one that gives you the most features you want at the best price.

Here are some popular used models you can look at while visiting Gateway Toyota.



* Full-sized pickup truck

* Has won many awards including Motor Trend’s Truck of the Year

* Cab sizes include 2-door, 4-door and extended Crewmax cab

The Tundra is a full-sized pickup truck first introduced in 2000 and has been nominated for North American Truck of the Year. Motor Trend magazine also named it Truck of The Year in both 2000 and 2008 and Trailer Boats magazine named the Tundra Tow Vehicle of the Year in 2007. Canadian Driver also named the Tundra as its Truck King, calling it the best half-ton pickup available. The Tundra comes in traditional 2-door models as well as 4-door double cab models and Crewmax extended cabs for those who want lots of extra passenger space.



* Mid-sized to full-sized SUV

* Solid rear axle combined with independent front suspension

* Later models feature high capacity 4.0 L or 4.7 L engines

Depending on the year, the 4Runner is a mid-sized to nearly full-sized sport utility vehicle or SUV. The 4Runner features a solid rear axle, giving it the ability to perform well off-road and an independent front suspension, providing excellent handling and a comfortable ride. Many models produced after 2002 also feature higher capacity 4.0 L and 4.7 L engines for greater performance.



* Full-sized 4-door sedan that seats 5 adults comfortably

* Avalon LTEs feature heated seats, keyless ignition and an upgraded stereo

* Good rating on crash tests throughout its lifetime

The Avalon is a full-sized 4-door sedan and Car and Driver magazine rated it as among the best large-sized premium sedans available. The Avalon is considered a solid and reputable choice among sedans and it offers excellent visibility and a smooth ride. An ideal vehicle for families, it features rear seats that recline and room to seat five adults comfortably. The Insurance Industry for Highway Safety Testing rated the Avalon “Good” for its ability to protect its occupants in both side-impact and frontal-offset crashes. The Avalon LTE (limited edition) sedans offer more luxury features like heated seats, keyless ignition and entry and a powerful 12-speaker stereo system.



* Mid-sized passenger car

* North America’s best-selling passenger car

* Rated highly for both fuel efficiency and crash test safety

The Camry is a mid-sized car that, as of May 2012, eclipsed its rivals to become North America’s number one best-selling passenger car. Basic Camry LS and Camry LTEs feature a fuel-efficient 4-cylinder engine, while the 5-passenger models offer a choice between a 2.5 L or 3.5 L 6-cylinder engine. All designs feature automatic transmission and front wheel drive. Camrys have received excellent crash test scores and with the development of hybrid technology, hybrid Camrys have also come on the market.



* Mid-sized hybrid electric hatchback

* Spectacular fuel economy at 50 mpg combined highway and city

* Luxury models available

The Prius is a mid-sized hybrid electric and gas powered 4-door hatchback. Featuring excellent fuel economy and a 1.8 L engine, the Prius averages 3.7 L/100km (76 MPG) in the city and 4.0 L/100km (71 MPG) on the highway. The Prius comes in a variety of models ranging from economical to luxury. Luxury models offer features like bluetooth technology, an iPod interface and faux leather interior.

Purchasing a used Toyota vehicle is always a smart decision. The team at Gateway Toyota is committed to finding you the used Toyota you are looking for.

Sales Team

Gateway Toyota


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