Tire Change Over – Peace of Mind

Dear Neil Gratton,

I wanted you to be aware of the excellent service that I received from Mustak “Ali” Habib, the Parts Manger at your Gateway location. Let me explain the circumstances.

I had my summer tires switched to my winter tires (each set are on their own rims) through another company since we purchased the winter tires there, therefore the changeover was free. I forgot to bring my lug nut key. That company gave me the option of coming back with it, or they could pull off the locking lug nuts ( I did not realize the actual cost of replacing these). I picked the 2nd option. They proceeded with the tire changeover.

Once at home, I  had called the Toyota service department to price out 4 locking lug nuts with a key and was directed to Ali. I had started to doubt if the winter wheels were put on securely (ie. did they have one locking nut
per tire?). The lug nuts were hidden by the center caps and I had no idea of what to look for.

Ali had me come to Gateway and was immediately able to have a service person take off my center caps and make sure that all of the lug nuts were properly on and that they were indeed all locking lug nuts. Ali was also there during this process. I really appreciated the awesome service especially since the next day I had to transport a car full of boys for my son’s birthday party. I was glad to have a peace of mind.

Thanks Ali!

Lori Lunt


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