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Toyota Canada’s 50th Anniversary

Our Gateway Toyota Scion team is excited to announce that Toyota Canada has reached a remarkable milestone – 50 years since Toyota granted distributorship in Canada. What a tremendous 50 years it has been!

The agreement was initially between Toyota and Canadian Motor Industries, Ltd., which would later become Toyota Canada Inc. (TCI.) The following year, the sales network was established, with dealers being selectively chosen throughout Canada. The next year the first Toyota was sold, with 700 Toyotas total sold throughout Canada.  Now, Toyota proudly represents over 4.6 million Canadian customers on roadways throughout our great nation. It is because of our amazing customers that Toyota Canada has been able to grow as a company, with a large workforce of over 24,000 employees throughout Canada.

On top of helping Canadians get to their destination safely and with ease, as well as helping advance Canada’s economy, Toyota Canada has also been able to help various social initiatives. As well, Toyota Canada established the Toyota Canada Foundation, another proud contributor to various philanthropic projects.

Now more than ever, we are excited for the future. With Toyota leading the industry in fuel efficiency, smart Safety technology, and innovative design, the saying “the best is yet to come” reigns truer than ever.

Thank you for being a part Toyota Canada’s history,

Neal Gratton
Gateway Toyota Scion

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