Toyota: Focused on Planet, People and Plants

Toyota vehicles are not only assembled in North American facilities, they are some of the most environmentally advanced manufacturers on the market. In the 2013 North American Environmental Report Toyota was highlighted in many areas.

Toyota and Lexus exceeded sales of more than 5 million hybrids globally. Toyota estimates the use of 5 million hybrid vehicles has avoided 34 million tons of CO2 emissions.

Energy use in the production of Toyota vehicles has been reduced by 22 per cent per vehicle produced (since FY2002). Ten Toyota North American plants achieved zero waste to landfill.

Since 2002, Toyota’s parts and accessories returnable container program has saved over 308 million pounds of wood and 185 million pounds of cardboard. Or 2.5 million trees worth.

Toyota Canada’s decade-long partnership with the Evergreen Learning Grounds via its Toyota Evergreen Learning Grounds program has exposed almost 6.7 million people, including 81,279 teachers and over one million elementary and secondary school students at 3,324 schools to a hands-on relationship with nature by transforming Canadian school grounds into natural learning environments.

If you are looking for a new car which will help you preserve the environment and also meet your transportation needs, look no further than a car in the Toyota lineup.

Neal Gratton

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