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Toyota Lease Advantage

Toyota Lease Advantage | Making Life Straightforward

Toyota Lease Advantage

Quality Has Its Rewards

The 2015 Automotive Lease Guide (ALG) has named Toyota as “high quality with a strong resale value”. This means that their vehicles are worth more over a longer period of time, giving Toyota more residual value than any other brand. When it comes to leasing a new vehicle from Gateway Toyota Scion, this comes as an asset because the higher the residual value of a brand, the lower your lease payments will be. With a lease, you only pay for the portion of the vehicle life that you use.

Leasing Made for Your Life

The Toyota Lease terms have been made flexible so that you are able to have a lease that works with your life. Terms can be from 24-60 months, giving you the freedom to choose how and when having a lease works for you. You are also able to upgrade seamlessly, which gives you the advantage of staying on top of the latest technologies and safety features.

Leasing vs. Financing

Leasing a vehicle has many advantages over financing a vehicle. Leasing generally provides you with lower monthly payments and seldom is a down payment required. This decrease in monthly payment makes adding a lease to a monthly budget a more viable option than financing. When it comes to paying taxes, with leasing, you do not have to pay tax on the entire value of the vehicle, only on the monthly payment. Another benefit of leasing versus financing is that a length of the lease usually lines up with the manufacturer’s warranty, making any required repairs very affordable, or completely covered.


Business Owners

When it comes to business owners, not only does leasing a new vehicle keep you looking sharp, but you are also eligible for a tax advantage in Canada. Whether you already are a business owner, or are thinking about it, it is worth it to look into it with a tax advisor to see the benefits you may be eligible for.


There is much freedom in leasing a vehicle when it comes time to trade in for a newer model, or to change your vehicle to match your lifestyle. Rather than having to go through the hassle of selling your vehicle as you buy a new one, leasing offers you the ability to return your car to the dealership in exchange for a different one, or the option to buyout your lease and keep your Toyota. Leasing offers you the ability to be in control and is a flexible and is a convenient alternative to purchase financing. Learn more about leasing a new Toyota car, SUV, or truck at Gateway Toyota Scion.

Neal Gratton

Gateway Toyota Scion

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