Toyota Prius makes the top of the list for Consumer Reports

Toyota Vehicles Dominate Consumer Reports’ List of Best New-Car Values; Prius Ranked #1

Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius makes the top of the list for Consumer Reports annual list of Best and Worst New-Car Values for the first time. The hybrid gas-electric Toyota Prius took down the more affordable Honda Fit, which was in first place for the past four years in a row.

The Toyota Prius beat out 200 models that the magazine considered for its annual buying guide. With an operating cost of only 49 cents per mile, this is an affordable and economical investment. The Toyota brand is expected to be ranked No.1 in 2013.

These are some of the Consumer Reports best values in the most popular categories:

  • Best Value Small Hatchbacks: Toyota Prius Four
  • Best Value Family Sedan: Toyota Camry Hybrid XLE
  • Best Value Minivan-Wagon: Toyota Prius V Three

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