Toyota reveals their new concept – Corolla Furia

Toyota reveals their new concept car – Corolla Furia

It was an exciting day at the North American International Trade Show in Detroit as Toyota revealed the new and exciting, compact sedan concept – Corolla Furia. With this new Toyota concept car, consumers can expect to see an exterior that is more dramatic and expressively designed.

Toyota Furia Concept Car“The Corolla Furia Concept represents a peak into the future of compact car design,” said Larry Hutchinson, Managing Director, Toyota Canada Inc. “Corolla is a Canadian favourite, so the hints of this concept are sure to delight Canadian drivers.”

The Furia is designed around a theme of “Iconic Dynamism,” and features a more provocative, dynamic interpretation of a compact sedan while displaying a more stable, athletic stance.

The Corolla Furia design includes a swept windshield, with a sloped roofline and pronounced fender flares, to help communicate a sense of motion even when the car is stationary.  This new concept is sure to please many new and loyal Toyota fans.

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