Toyota START+ Remote Engine Starter

 With the Toyota START+ Remote Engine Starter you can make your car nice and warm on cold mornings, or nice and cool during the scorching summer ensuring you will be comfortable before you even enter the the car. Start your car from inside the house or garage and being setting your temperature to already be ready for the road. You don’t need a smart key to operate the long range remote.

For added convenience, the Toyota START+ Remote Engine Starter works with Toyota cars with an automatic transmission. It has the best range on any remote and can transmit the signal up to 800 metres, this distance is comparable to two olympic track fields. You will never have to worry about being out of range. To use the remote, drivers will need to push two buttons in sequence. Visual confirmation is given via lights and a beep sounds as well to let you know your vehicle is getting ready. More advanced features include front and rear defogger controls and an indicator to tell you when the battery is low.

Toyota START+ Remote Engine Starter

The Toyota START+ Remote Engine Starter because it is weather resistant so you don’t have to worry about the elements. An auto-adjust mode uses your pre-heat settings to get the car as warm as you want it to be. For extra security, the remote shuts off ten minute after you activate it and installation is easy with a simple plug and play.

Always have a comfortable vehicle with the Toyota START+ Remote Engine Starter. Come to Gateway Toyota today and speak to someone in our Service Department about installing the Toyota START+ Remote Engine Starter in your Toyota model!

Neal Gratton
Gateway Toyota Scion


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