Toyota Tips on Floor Mats

Gateway Toyota takes everything seriously about their products, even down to the floor mats. Every Toyota vehicle sold in Canada is equipped with a set of original equipment floor mats – either carpet mats for those vehicles that are equipped with carpet flooring (most passenger vehicles) or rubber floor mats for those vehicles with vinyl flooring (such as some sport utility vehicles).


Toyota floor mats are only available at Toyota dealerships and are designed to match the size of space on the floor in the specific Toyota model in which they are intended to be used. In addition, the driver’s side floor mat has a cut-out area for the vehicle’s accelerator and brake pedals to help avoid interference with the movement of the pedals during driving.

Toyota floor mats have a non-skid backing that helps to protect the vehicle’s carpet from moisture and Toyota vehicles have retaining clips or hooks to secure the floor mat and help prevent the floor mat from moving forward and interfering with the pedals.

You may think that there isn’t much to floor mats, but they do need some attention. Please do not flip the mat over and you should never stack one floor mat on top of another. Should you choose to install all-weather floor mats in your vehicle, we recommend only using genuine Toyota accessory all-weather floor mats that have been designed specifically for your model.

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