Toyota Wheel Alignments – How Do Regular Alignments Benefit Your Vehicle? | Gateway Toyota

Wheel alignment involves an adjustment of your Toyota’s suspension system so the tires meet the road at the proper angle for your vehicle.

Wheel Alignment benefits include:

☑️ A smoother ride
☑️ Helps your tires perform properly and last longer
☑️ Improves handling and keeps your vehicle from pulling in one direction

Misaligned wheels can also cause suspension issues, and an increase in fuel consumption.

Wheel alignment should be routinely checked at least once a year. If you notice wear on the inside or outside edges of your tires, or if your vehicle is shaking or vibrating, make a service appointment today with Gateway Toyota.

Your Toyota Tire Technician can check and record tire tread depth, and examine tires for damage or wear to better determine if new tires are needed. Book with us in Edmonton, AB today!


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