Winter Tire Tips

Proper winter tires help you combat tough winter driving conditions.  Here are some tips to help you drive more safely this winter.

All season tires are designed to work  on a variety of conditions from dry to wet roads, and from moderate to high temperatures.

When temperatures fall however, the rubber compound of all season tires start to lose its grip, even on dry roads.  That’s why, when you can see your breath outside, it’s time to take your Toyota  to be fitted for its winter tires at Gateway Toyota.

Studies by tire companies, transport Canada, and others, show that winter tires can shorten the stopping distances in cold temperatures by 20% or more.  That grip not only helps avoid getting stuck, but it helps your Toyota’s electronic safety systems, like the ABS, stability control, traction control, and all wheel drive, operate properly.

If you are in the market for winter tires, Gateway Toyota is the one to see.  With access to fourteen different suppliers, Gateway Toyota has tires that will fit any Toyota vehicle for speed and load ratings specific to your vehicle.  When you get your tires from Gateway Toyota, you get quality, brand name products and selection installed by factory trained auto technicians.

You can also protect your tires with the Toyota tire road hazard protection.  This protects you  against tire repair and replacement costs in the event of damage to your tires caused by a valid road hazard.

So don’t delay.  Call Gateway Toyota service for your winter tires before the snow hits the ground.


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