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When temperatures drop below 7 degrees celsius, that is a good sign that it is time to put on winter tires. All-season tires start to lose some of their elasticity at cold temperatures, winter or ‘cold weather’ tires have a special rubber compound that maintains elasticity at temperatures well below zero. Even when there is no snow on the road, safety is still very much enhanced with winter tires when it is cold outside.

Winter tires are outfitted with extra wide tread blocks and grooves to maximize traction in snow and precipitation. They enhance handling, reduce stopping distance, and prevent hydroplaning in cold weather and snowy conditions. If you see the mountain or snowflake symbol on your tires, you know they have met certain specifications. Transport Canada always recommends installing winter tires on all wheels of a vehicle.

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Over time and normal use when tread depth on tires decreases to an ⅛ of an inch, roughly the size of two quarter coins stacked on top of each other, it is then time to replace the tires. Contact Gateway Toyota Scion for more information about winter tires and how we can help better equip your Toyota vehicle for winter driving!

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