2013 Toyota Tacoma Review

Looking for a Roomy Cabin, Take a Look at the 2013 Toyota Tacoma


The Tacoma has been a part of the Toyota family since 1995. It started out as a compact truck and is now currently reclassified as a mid-size. From humble beginnings to taking over the midsize segment.

One of the elements which the 2013 Toyota Tacoma is most known for is its roomy cabin. This is thanks to intuitive innovation with moving parts around to accommodate for amazing under rear seat storage compartments and plenty of room for driver and passengers.


The outer appearance of the 2013 Toyota Tacoma is athletic. This truck is built to be sleek and stunning. The aerodynamics are majestically contoured for a timeless look. The added bold front grille, flashy colours and black accents are modern. You will love the look of this truck.

The performance of the 2013 Toyota Tacoma is peppy and ready to go. All models feature a Limited Slip Differential that maintains the equal distribution of torque between the rear wheels. This prevents slippage if one or more tires lose traction. There are many models to choose from: 4X2 Access Cab, 4X4 Access Cab, 4X4 Access Cab V6 and 4X4 Double Cab V6.

2013 Engines

  • 2.7L 4-cyl: 159 horsepower and 180 lb-ft of torque
  • city 11.2 (21) and highway 9.4 (25)
  • 4L V6: 236 horsepower and 266 lb-ft of torque
  • city 13.8 (17) and highway 11.2 (21)

The 2013 Toyota Tacoma is a great buy for those who want the performance of a truck but still great fuel economy. Get out there and play Alberta!


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