September Construction Pictures of New Facility

Rain, rain, go away. In spite of the heavy rainfall at the new Gateway Toyota location, construction is still going on. The work crew have had to battle, water flowing in streams everywhere, knee high mud and even the new Lake Gateway. Below are some pictures of the progress from September. We are one month closer to opening in August of 2013!


Here is Lake Gateway. Talk about a lot of rain!!


Th water management system is very huge. It is on both sides of the property. It has to have the ability to hold lots of water in case the system gets backed up. We want to be prepared.


This is the pipe used to manage water that is underground.


The water management system is almost complete!!


Here is the steel structure that is the base for the roof.


Here is the roofing starting to go over the new facility.


Everything is starting to come together. There is now a roof covering the Drive Through.


Here is half of the shop.


Here is the other half of the shop. Talk about massive!!


This is the pouring of the concrete wall between the shop and the rest of the building.


Here is part of the showroom.


Here is the showroom from above.


The second floor is starting to take shape. It is exciting to actually see parts of the building come together. You can now slowly see what this new facility will look like!


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