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Making Even-better Cars: A Progress Report


Four years ago, Toyota announced a new global vision where it would achieve sustainable growth by developing better cars. The work was to be based on the Toyota New Global Architecture for improved products and a more capable and skilled workforce. In that time, many changes have been made and are continuing to be made to achieve the ultimate goal of even better cars.

Toyota has begun building new platforms in conjunction with the development of new powertrains that work together. Components are lighter and fit in a more compact space while creating a more efficient vehicle. This is seen not only in standard gasoline models but in the hybrid vehicles as well. The new powertrains will be introduced in 2015.

New platforms are being developed that provide a lower center of gravity with a low stance to increase the responsiveness of handling while providing a better feel and enhanced performance in collisions for improved safety. These changes will be seen later in 2015 first in midsize vehicles with compacts and larger vehicles next.

The way Toyota vehicles are produced is changing as well with production of vehicles of the same model being linked together to share resources. One of the goals is to reduce the cost of producing new vehicles. This includes developing new components such as engines and transmissions for existing models.

People will begin to see the changes that Toyota has made in models that will be released in 2015 and 2016. This focus will make Toyota more competitive while bringing the latest technologies to the consumer. To find out more about Toyota’s TNGA and what the latest models offer, visit Gateway Toyota Scion.

Neal Gratton

Gateway Toyota

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