Vehicle Maintenance Protects Your Investment!

Vehicles today are far more reliable than those built a decade ago, but quality will only go so far.  Maintaining your investment is key, and the best way to prolong the life of a vehicle is through regular, preventative maintenance.

Toyota Tundra

This 2008 Toyota Tundra work truck we recently had in for service is a perfect example. It has 590,921 kilometres and is in exceptional condition! Wow! This truck has always followed the factory recommended service and has been detailed regularly.



Keeping your vehicle maintained will not only make it last longer, but will also make it much more pleasant to drive, which in turn, will make you want to take better care of it. If you have a vehicle, it’s all about condition, condition, condition.

Top Tips On Maintaining Your Vehicle

Keep it lubed. Oil is the blood of your vehicle. Keep it clean and change it regularly.

Keep it breathing. A dirty air filter chokes the engine so it uses less air and more gas, so check and change your air filter regularly.

Keep it clean. Regular detailing removes any salt and dirt on the paint and will stop corrosion and wear and tear.

Keep it inspected. Give your vehicle a once-over every year so you catch anything that looks out of the ordinary.

To learn more about our monthly specials on maintenance items and detailing, please contact a Gateway Toyota Scion Service Advisor at (780) 439-3939 today!


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