Pair Toyota Bluetooth With Cell Phone (Without Navigation)

Herman Lee from  Gateway Toyota Scion in Edmonton, Alberta is going show you how to pair a Bluetooth cellphone to a Toyota vehicle.

First of all,  turn on the Bluetooth capability on your cellphone. This is the process to turn on the Bluetooth.  For some other phones, need to search the device. Make sure search device is turned on so that it an look for the vehicle Bluetooth.

On the steering wheel there is a button – it’s called a the voice command button.  Press it and wait for the beep sound, and say “pair”.  (Voice Command: Pair. Press the tab switch and say a name for the phone.) My first blue tooth phone.  (Voice Command: Press the tab switch and say “Confirm”.) Confirm. (Voice Command:  To use the Internet Bluetooth  audio player feature of the phone, say “internet audio”; otherwise, say “phone only”.) Phone only. (Voice Command: Phone only.  Press the tab switch and say “Confirm”.) Confirm. (Voice Command:  Ready for phone pairing.  Please use the phone to connect it to the hands-free system.  The pass key for the phone is 0000 Searching….)

So when you look at the vehicles screen the pass key is visible.  Then come back to the cellphone.  See “Car Multi-Media”.  It’s not paired.   Now,  select it will prompt me for the pass code, put the passcode in and hit “Pair”.

Voice command:  The phone is paired. Press the tab switch and say pair phone or set cancel.

Every time the BT  logo is seen and the receive signal, it means the phone recognizes the Bluetooth of the vehicle.

Press the voice command and say “Dial by number”. (Voice command:  “Dial by number.  Please press the tab switch and say the number.”).  After the number is confirmed, [or] is correct, then I press the off hold switch.  This will ensure you don’t need to touch your phone.

Sales Team

Gateway Toyota


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6 responses to “Pair Toyota Bluetooth With Cell Phone (Without Navigation)”

  1. Sara Avatar

    Thanks for the info! I got my phone to pair, but I’d love to be able to play music and audiobooks through the car speakers using th Bluetooth. Is that possible or only phone calling?

    1. Sales Team Avatar
      Sales Team

      Hello Sara, it’s possible to play audio from the Bluetooth connection. If you need any help, please feel free to visit our store (, give us a call ((780) 439-3939), or message us on our Facebook page ( Thank you!

  2. Huyen Nguyen Avatar
    Huyen Nguyen

    My Samsung S8 was paired with the Bluetooth of Siena 2011 LX no navigation system, but no Blootooh sound for hand free using.
    It appears Bluetooth sound not found or blinking word Pause.
    Please show me how to fix this issue. If I need to delete the phones was paired successfully before then how to delete them on the car Bluetooth system>
    Thank you.
    Huyen N

  3. Ronnie Avatar

    I do not get the command phone only. After confirming phone name it jumps to the pass code. Get car multi media put in pass code and connection fails. Have a Nokia phone.

    1. Admin Avatar

      Hi Ronnie,

      If you are local to the Edmonton area, we’d love to help you. On Saturday mornings from 9-10am we are available to assist with these types of concerns. Please ask for the Sales Manager upon arrival.

  4. Ahmad Avatar

    I gave this a try on Prius 2010 without navigation but it didn’t work. My phone is iphone 5. There is a phone programed on it from the pervious owner so I need to delete it.