Looking for a used Toyota in Edmonton?

The used vehicle market in Canada is twice as large as the new vehicle market. So why is it that so many “New” car dealers are not active players in it? I don’t get it.

Gateway Toyota is one of Alberta’s largest used vehicle retailers….

Why? Because we understand the used vehicle business. And why is it that people purchase used vehicles? To save money. It’s as simple as that.

When looking for a used vehicle in Edmonton customers all have different wants, needs and price ranges – Therefore selection is key.

As a Toyota Dealer we obviously specialize in Used Toyotas. Through trades, lease returns and Toyota program cars we have a great selection of all years and models of used Toyotas! But often we take in “off-make” trades that are fantastic vehicles. These may be any brand – we’ll keep them if they’re in good shape and worth selling.

At Gateway Toyota we inspect every trade in and lease return and decide first is it a vehicle worth selling? You see we want you to be happy with the vehicle you purchase so if it’s not a quality vehicle – we don’t sell it.

Once it’s determined worthy for sale it is mechanically reconditioned, meticulously detailed and made available for sale. With non Toyota brands we are equipped with electronic diagnostic and technical service bulletins to ensure they too are serviced properly.

Does this mean that every used vehicle you purchase from us will never have a problem? No, but we will significantly reduce the chances. You see there are many wear items on vehicles that are inspected (like belts, tires and brake pads) and it is easy to determine if they still meet manufacturer specifications. Other items, like a water pump for example, can be working upon inspection and fail the next week with no warning? This is no ones fault – it just happens sometimes. That is why we back all of our vehicles with a 30 day comprehensive warranty or exchange privilege.

For those people who would like peace of mind beyond our 30-day guarantee we do offer a wide range of warranties. These have varying levels of coverage over different time periods to suit any budget.

When shopping and comparing used vehicles it is important to look at the entire value proposition. The sweet taste of a good price can quickly sour as unforeseen repairs arise. History, wear and tear, mileage and reconditioning all become part of the equation. If you don’t know the history of that vehicle, when it comes time to sell or trade you may get a shock. A lower value may be offered if the vehicle has a large accident on it’s record.

Always deal with a place that is willing to share the known history of the vehicle you are considering. Here at Gateway we provide Carproof Vehicle History reports on all vehicles we sell at no charge to the potential customer. We will also willingly share our own vehicle inspection, review the reconditioning work completed and the service history if the vehicle has been a regular at our facility. And please drive it before you buy it!

To summarize – A used vehicle will save you money today. But to ensure it doesn’t cost you more down the road deal with a place which properly reconditions it’s vehicles, openly shares the history, and stands behind them.






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