The biggest deciding factor for me was . . .

From: Michelle Dendwick-Spak
Sent: Wednesday, January 19, 2012 3:17 PM
To: Neal Gratton
Subject: Our New Sienna

Dear Sir/Madam,

My husband and I purchased a beautiful new 2012 Sienna in November. We were replacing our 2004 Sienna. We also own a 2004 Corolla. I wanted to let you know that it is the people in your wonderful service department who are most responsible for our new Toyota purchase.

When we were ready to replace our Sienna, we also looked at Odysseys. We test drove one and quite liked it. Of course, once we drove one of the new Siennas we loved it as well. We could have gone either way.

The biggest deciding factor for me was the fact that I’d be continuing to bring my new vehicle for servicing at Gateway Toyota. Troy, Danny, Doris and Bonnie are just super! They are always professional and pleasant. And it means a lot to me that they recognize me when I come in and say hello if they aren’t busy, even if they aren’t serving me. An example of this was last week when I brought my new van to Gateway. Although Bonnie was the one who helped me, Troy and Doris both said hello and asked me about my new vehicle. I also appreciate that they explain the work that was done or needs to be done. They call to give me updates when my vehicle is in the shop and also call as soon as it is ready. These seem like simple things, but I know that not all places make such an effort to keep their customers informed. This kind of customer service is rare these days, and we value the pride this team takes in their work.

I believe it was an easy sale for Dylan, because your service team had made the sale before we even stepped into the showroom!


Michelle Dendwick-Spak


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