“Toyota is a much better product than most others out there.”

From:Marc Gauthier
Sent: Thursday, September 22, 2011 11:11 AM
To:Rob Wood
Subject: Second Delivery Event

To Gateway Toyota:

I attended the second delivery event last night. I was impressed by the event iteself and the introduction to some of the people at Gateway I will be dealing with in the future. (not many dealerships do this as you know.) Rick (service tech.) demonstrated his knowledge of the Corolla very well and no question went unanswered.

I owned a 1988 Toyota extended cab 1 ton truck and was never disappointed with it. For the most part Toyota’s reputation is a good one.
The reason I purchased a Corolla is the reputation of going for a lot of miles with very little going wrong with it. (durable) I hope this one does the same.
I have worked on a few types in the past and was impressed by the quality of manufacturing that goes into the product.
I used to be an auto mechanic (licensed) and worked at Southgate VW and a Renault dealership among other places and I must say from past experience that Toyota is a much better product than most others out there.
I also know other Toyota owners that have their cars serviced by Gateway and they highly recommend your service dept.


Marc Gauthier


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