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Winter Tires: What You Need to Know!


Winter is just around the corner and getting your vehicle ready for the cold, snow and ice is crucial for safe winter driving.

Some Albertan drivers choose to stick with all-season tires all year round as they feel comfortable driving in winter conditions and change their driving habits accordingly. However, for drivers seeking the safest winter driving experience, winter tires are highly recommended. [continue reading…]


Gateway Toyota Scion’s Fixed Operations Manager Chris Schultz is here today not only to congratulate you on your new vehicle, but also remind you that after driving your new vehicle for 5 months, it is time to schedule your new vehicle’s service appointment.

Chris also walks you through our servicing process. [continue reading…]


Watch Doug Flanders, our detailing manager, walk you through the three Toyota Touch Detailing packages we offer.

There are three levels of Toyota Touch detailing available at Gateway Toyota Scion – the Deluxe, the Premium, and the Ultimate. [continue reading…]

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Your Checklist for Spring Vehicle Maintenance


Spring is here and it is time for ‘Spring Cleaning.’ Gateway Toyota has skilled and trained technicians who are ready to help you fix up your vehicle after a harsh winter. Here is a checklist of things you take a look at and consider getting fixed. [continue reading…]


Now that winter is coming to an end and spring is just around the corner you are looking to do some spring cleaning. Having the house nice and clean feels good after a long stuffy winter. Have you ever thought of spring cleaning your car? Gateway Toyota is the perfect place to get this done according to the Edmonton Journal.

Bill Fraser removing wheels for a brake inspection on a Toyota Yaris. Photograph by: Dave Halliday, Edmonton Journal.

Bill Fraser removing wheels for a brake inspection on a Toyota Yaris. Photograph by: Dave Halliday, Edmonton Journal.

[continue reading…]


Winter Tire Tips

Proper winter tires help you combat tough winter driving conditions.  Here are some tips to help you drive more safely this winter. [continue reading…]


Herman Lee from Gateway Toyota Scion in Edmonton is going show how to pair a Bluetooth cellphone to a Toyota vehicle that has the navigation system.

First, turn on the Bluetooth feature on the cellphone.  Make sure the Bluetooth make sure its on.  This Toyota has a navigation system and there’s a set up button.  Push the set up button, then select phone. and finally select manage phone. [continue reading…]


My Check Engine Light is On – What Should I Do?


Hi, my name is Doug Dixon. I’m the shop foreman here at Gateway Toyota in Edmonton, Alberta. [continue reading…]


Herman Lee from  Gateway Toyota Scion in Edmonton, Alberta is going show you how to pair a Bluetooth cellphone to a Toyota vehicle.

First of all,  turn on the Bluetooth capability on your cellphone. This is the process to turn on the Bluetooth.  For some other phones, need to search the device. Make sure search device is turned on so that it an look for the vehicle Bluetooth. [continue reading…]


Looking for a used Toyota in Edmonton?

The used vehicle market in Canada is twice as large as the new vehicle market. So why is it that so many “New” car dealers are not active players in it? I don’t get it. [continue reading…]